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 Monotalk – Full of Nothing 选自《Fix Me Up》专辑 - Vol.37 - 耳朵的主人 edzbe.com
歌曲名称: Full of Nothing
演唱者: Monotalk
唱片专辑: Fix Me Up
发行时间: 2014年10月22日
歌曲分类: Vol.37,单曲,独立
歌曲标签: ,,
不好听一般好听非常好听超级好听 (暂时没有评级)

Monotalk 来自以色列Tel Aviv,是一支 based band, 成立于2006年。成员有3人:Israel Erez (songwriter, keys, and guitar player), Yoav alyagon (guitars and drums), and Roy Regev (guitars and sampling). The three members are performing and working together ever since. The band had just finished recording its first album with Samuel Daniel, well acclaimed Israeli producer. The recordings took place during 2008-09 @ Hook Studio and HOOK&high Mastering, Tel Aviv.The album presents a unique warm ambience and dominant vocals, delivered through multiple layers of Fender Rhodes, guitars, samplers and a smooth Hammond, alongside an analogical base and warm live drums. The album portrays some intriguing electronic moments.





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