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 In the Silence – Sarah Kroger 选自《Your Time》专辑 - Vol.46 - 耳朵的主人 edzbe.com
歌曲名称: In the Silence
演唱者: Sarah Kroger
唱片专辑: Your Time
发行时间: 2014年03月30日
歌曲分类: Vol.46,单曲,欧美
歌曲标签: ,,
不好听一般好听非常好听超级好听 (暂时没有评级)

Sarah and Mark met in high school and have been making music together ever since. They have led worship at their Catholic youth group, played at weddings, and even helped record the music for two children’s videos. Mark started writing music in about December 2005 for the two of them to sing at their church’s parish festival in the following spring, and a friend of theirs suggested that they come up with something to sell. The result was the four-track “Juniper” EP. Now Sarah will be studying music at Rollins College this fall, and Mark is currently studying music education at the University of Florida.





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