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 This Voice – Ane Brun 选自《A Temporary Dive》专辑 - Vol.43 - 耳朵的主人 edzbe.com
歌曲名称: This Voice
演唱者: Ane Brun
唱片专辑: A Temporary Dive
发行时间: 2014年03月25日
歌曲分类: Vol.43,单曲,民谣
歌曲标签: ,,,
不好听一般好听非常好听超级好听 (暂时没有评级)

Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun (pronounced Ah-na Broon) is a classic among conformists. Her lilting vocals and theatrical presentation can be compared to the likes of Feist, Neko Case’s early work, and Nick Drake. European audiences have been hypnotized by Brun’s cinematic lyrics of lost love and deception since her 2003 debut, Spending Time with Morgan. Released on her own label, DetErMine, a company she founded in 2002 along with the Tiny’s Ellekari Larsson, Spending Time with Morgan was later championed at the Swedish Independent Music Awards. A year later, Brun released the My Lover Will Go EP as well as the romantic songbook entitled A Temporary Dive. The album featured collaborations with Canadian artist Ron Sexsmith, Teitur, and Syd Matters. Three weeks after its release, A Temporary Dive went platinum in Brun’s native country. A slew of awards also followed, including the Grammy equivalent — the Norwegian Spellemannsprisen — for Best Female Artist and Hit of the Year for 2005. Dates in the U.K. with French songstress Keren Ann followed into the fall. A remixed and remastered version of A Temporary Dive arrived in America via V2 in May 2006. A year later, Brun released Live in Scandinavia, her first live album. Changing of the Seasons, Brun’s fifth studio release, arrived in 2008.





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